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The meaningful participation in ‘CICAF 2016’ of WooRooRoo

DATE :2016.05.03

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WooRooRoo, the animation of the early-childhood education for our children’s Emotional Intelligence Development, participated in the ‘China International Cartoon & Animation Festival 2016’ in the last week of this April. 

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China International Cartoon & Animation Festival 2016 (CICAF 2016) is the only exhibition sponsored by the Chinese government in the Chines mainland. In 2015, 617 exhibitors from 78 countries had participated and 1.37 million buyers had visited, which shows how big this exhibition is.


KEYSTONE Group, the leading cultural and educational service provider in Korea, had shown WooRooRoo at the exhibition, which motivates our children to develop their social interaction abilities by doing fun activities with others in their age group of the early-childhood. WooRooRoo, the educational animation content, stimulates our children’s curiosities that to develop their imaginative and thinking abilities. This content, WooRooRoo, had quite attentions by numerous buyers at this show.


Starting MIPTV 2016 in Cannes to CICAF 2016 in Hangzhou, this April has been fruitful markets for WooRooRoo, which made WooRooRoo approach one more step closer to the global markets.  

KEYSTONE Group, the leading cultural and educational service provider, will expand its market to global in this coming May 2016 as well.