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MEDIA KEYSTONE, partnership with CCTV for K-Culture Summer Camp 2016

DATE :2016.06.22

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MEDIA KEYSTONE will open K-Culture Summer Camp 2016 with CCTV, the No.1 National TV in China.

‘K-Culture Camp’ is the experience-based educative program for our future global leaders with the importance of developing creativities since early-childhood education for global leaders has become critical in China as well. 

MEDIA KEYSTONE, the cultural and educative service provider with many years of experiences and know-hows having designed and operated international educative camp such as Cheongshim English camp, hosts the Korea-China youth exchange programs for cultural and educative camp. This is the first co-project of MEDIA KEYSTONE and CCTV with their business alliance MOU in this 2016.

It is a learning project to be held in Korea in this July targeting the Chinese 1st graders to the 9th. This camp is designed with the theme of ‘Korean Content’, which represents the core elements of creativities, and its educative values. This camp is not for a purpose of a tour or a simple experiential event. Based on the K-Culture theme, each team completes problem solving projects and to maximize the utmost effects of this learning project.

Furthermore, the Korea-China youth participating in this project will also experience how to engage with others while they learn and live together for the 6 nights and 7 days. This is a great opportunity for them to learn how to work effectively as a team, to show appropriate leadership, and to develop problem-solving skills.

Through this opportunity, they will be able to experience the various themes of Korea-China cultural exchange, and to achieve their goals with proper learning skills, which all help them appreciate the time while picturing their great future.